Nick and Lauren go to Vancouver!

Lighthouse Park, Vancouver BC

Oh hello there!!! **Waves**

…that’s how we were greeted by every Canadian we came across. They are so friendly and nice!

Very important trip details of note:

  1. Nick is officially an international world traveler.
  2. You can get poutine literally at every corner of every restaurant. They hand it out by the shovel-full.
  3. It rains a lot in the winter months.
  4. It rains A LOT in the winter months.
  5. Did I mention the rain?
  6. The driving speed limits seemed awfully low compared to the U.S., but then it was raining the whole time, so it made sense.
  7. The build quality of your umbrella is of the utmost importance. (NICK TIP)
  8. The handheld checkout gadgets they use for paying are SO efficient. No, really. Even that one time the machine needed new paper, and the guy had to switch it out mid-payment, at our table, it was still faster than the regular dance our servers have to do. You know, the back and forth dance.
  9. Even though it rains so much (please see RAIN details above for further information), it does not one bit deter the myriad of physically fit Vancouverites from getting their daily run in.
  10. Showshoeing is great! We probably didn’t have to go all the way to Canada to learn that, but hey! it counts! Right?

Despite the rain, we did have a great time — and we’re already dreaming of heading back in the summer. Because, maybe, it won’t be raining then.

I promise more yummy food recipes are coming up soon, I’ve just been getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend. Work has been SUPER busy. But that’s great. Because, work.

Kitsilano “Kits” Beach

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver BC

Stanley Park

Swan at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

The Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Totem Poles at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Grouse Mountain

Skyride Up at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

^ I’m very proud of Nick for facing his fear of heights/rollercoasters for this trip up to Grouse Mountain. Major thanks goes to the Grouse Mountain Skyride for taking us safely and smoothly (4,100 feet above sea level!) to the top of the MTN.

Ice Rink at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

^ The visibility was -100% (AKA none) on the top of the mountain (thanks RAIN!), so it felt like we were deep in the Arctic or somewhere else that doesn’t get much sunlight. However, it was super great to be in a winter wonderland instead of a rainy rainforest for a couple hours!

The Light Walk at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

Nick at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

Lauren on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

Grouse Mountain Friend, Vancouver BC

Snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC

^ Snowshoeing galore! It’s great, I am addicted and need to go AGAIN like right now. So much fun!

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Viewpoint at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC

Lodging at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC

Lauren in Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver BC

Lighthouse Park, Vancouver BC

Juniper Point at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC

Directly after snapping this shot from an awesome viewpoint in Lighthouse Park, Nick and I proceeded to head back to the parking area but instead lost our way. Just as we were delighting in the fact that the signage in Canada parks is way better than in the U.S. Yup. After a few short LONG minutes of me freaking out and wondering how I could turn my camera cap into a water catcher for drinking and SURVIVING the great Canadian outdoors, we used Google Maps (ha!) to get back on track to the trail.

So, there you have it folks. Vancouver was great, we would 100% visit again. SUMMER in Vancouver is probably amazing. You should go.

Stay tuned for more food posts later this week! Until next time!

Nick and Lauren go to Vancouver!