Orcas Island: The Return

There are only so many times you can go back to the same island paradise (said no one ever).

Nick and I went back to Orcas Island at the end of September (helloooo belated blog post! #laterlatergram). This time, our good friends from Boston (Tina and Tony) were part of the trip and boy oh boy did we have a good time. I thought I’d post some edited photos from that trip here because Orcas Island really is an amazing place and if you’re interested in visiting, I cannot recommend it enough.

Here’s a recap of our first trip there.

That trip made me feel so incredibly happy and lucky for a number of reasons:

  1. Having friends that, though we haven’t seen them in years, have not changed one bit and still feel like family.
  2. Staying in a cabin ten feet from the ocean and watching the waves for as long as I want.
  3. Cooking dinner on the beach and watching the sunset at the same time.
  4. Shucking our own oysters and eating as many as we want, and staying at the Oyster Place as long as we want (or at least until the sun goes down).
  5. Laughing, smiling, drinking, exploring.

You get the point 🙂

These days, especially as we ramp up to the most stressful and hectic time of year, I’m finding it increasingly more important to hold onto these types of moments. Because they are the ones that keep me going when I’m so very tired from my 9-5. When I’m forging ahead with freelance work. When I’m using every waking moment I’ve got to squeeze as much creative energy out as I possibly can.

And believe you me, the struggle is real.

Hopefully these photos will give you a moment of good vibes, too!

Orcas Island: The Return