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Chipotle and Cocoa Spiced Black Bean Soup

Chipotle & Cocoa Spiced Black Bean Soup

My mom walks for 30 minutes every day. It’s a new thing she’s been doing lately, and I’m so proud of her. When I was home for the holidays this year, I decided to join in on the fun. It’s not simply that my mom walks every day, it’s that she also brings her 2 chihuahuas and 1 toy poodle along for the fun.

Picture it now: two women that are both around 5 foot tall, 3 teeny tiny dogs (each in a teeny tiny sweater, since it was December!), parading down the middle of the street in a small, suburban town in New Jersey. Watch out you guys!

Anyway, when I got back to Seattle after the holidays, I decided to do the same (30 minute walks) on the days I don’t go running. Today was one of those days. And walking in Seattle in January means one thing: rain. And that’s alright, because it helped me figure out what I wanted to make for dinner tonight: soup. Rain = soup. Soup is best on rainy days. Rainy cold days.

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