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Legume Love + A Recipe for Black Beans from Scratch

black beans cooked from scratch in a white bowl with purple pickled onions on top

The humble black bean has been the most versatile staple food in our pantry these days. Tiny in size in its dried form, the little legume cooks up plump and perfectly creamy on the inside with a bit of chew to the skin on the outside. I cook my black beans low and slow in the oven (or on the stovetop) in the largest, heaviest pot I’ve got; my dutch oven. I have a big orange 6-quart’er which I’ve nicknamed The Pumpkin. Cheers for creativity and for naming cookware!

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Chipotle and Cocoa Spiced Black Bean Soup

Chipotle & Cocoa Spiced Black Bean Soup

My mom walks for 30 minutes every day. It’s a new thing she’s been doing lately, and I’m so proud of her. When I was home for the holidays this year, I decided to join in on the fun. It’s not simply that my mom walks every day, it’s that she also brings her 2 chihuahuas and 1 toy poodle along for the fun.

Picture it now: two women that are both around 5 foot tall, 3 teeny tiny dogs (each in a teeny tiny sweater, since it was December!), parading down the middle of the street in a small, suburban town in New Jersey. Watch out you guys!

Anyway, when I got back to Seattle after the holidays, I decided to do the same (30 minute walks) on the days I don’t go running. Today was one of those days. And walking in Seattle in January means one thing: rain. And that’s alright, because it helped me figure out what I wanted to make for dinner tonight: soup. Rain = soup. Soup is best on rainy days. Rainy cold days.

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