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How to Broil + A Recipe for Garlic Lemon Tahini Sauce

Broiled broccoli and red onions with Garlic Lemon Tahini sauce.

Broiling is not a method I’ve used often, in my own kitchen, in cooking over the last 10 years. Probably because I’ve lived in rentals for that long and the broil setup on each unfortunately-electric-not-gas and usually-at-least-30-years-old oven I’ve encountered was different and unfamiliar and misunderstood and therefore overlooked. What does it mean to turn on the broiler? How come there is no preheating required? Where does the broiler heat source come from, the top or the bottom of the oven? Where do I put my oven rack for best broiling results?

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Legume Love + A Recipe for Black Beans from Scratch

black beans cooked from scratch in a white bowl with purple pickled onions on top

The humble black bean has been the most versatile staple food in our pantry these days. Tiny in size in its dried form, the little legume cooks up plump and perfectly creamy on the inside with a bit of chew to the skin on the outside. I cook my black beans low and slow in the oven (or on the stovetop) in the largest, heaviest pot I’ve got; my dutch oven. I have a big orange 6-quart’er which I’ve nicknamed The Pumpkin. Cheers for creativity and for naming cookware!

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Curry-Roasted Red Kuri Squash Soup

Roasted red kuri squash soup in a white bowl with chopped pumpkin seeds on top.

This is such a hectic time of year. Not only do the days seem shorter, but people seem to move faster too. We want to accomplish so many things and check off all the important to-do’s from our lists. I think we all need a breather. Well, this Curry-Roasted Red Kuri Squash Soup is meant to do just that. Let’s all take a moment and enjoy a good, hearty, warm bowl of soup.

Shall we?

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Easy Patatas Bravas

An easy Patatas Bravas recipe you can make at home any night of the week. This tapas restaurant favorite works great as an appetizer or even brunch.

Hello, friends! Apologies for the delay in posts, but it’s been quite the busy summer over here in Seattle. We’ve got family visiting right now and we’re showing them all the wonderful sights of the Emerald City and beyond.

I’ll be posting pics of some of our adventures SOON.

I actually made and photographed these Easy Patatas Bravas with every intention of posting the recipe before our visitors arrived, but sometimes, you just run out of time. And that’s perfectly okay. Because we are here now. In the moment. And the moment is tasty.

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Turnip Green Chermoula

Turnip Green Chermoula

I first made chermoula about 6 or 7 months ago after reading about it in Amanda Freitag’s new cookbook. It caught my attention because of the gorgeous photo in the book, and because at a glance it sounded like a lovely twist on pesto. The first time I whipped up a batch, Nick and I tasted it and thought “okay, this is good, nice and interesting but maybe not spectacular.” Let me tell you, though: this sauce grew on us. I don’t even know how or why, but since that first time, I’ve found myself making chermoula often. It’s quickly devoured with hunks of bakery-fresh bread and that’s it. No frills. I promise, once you make this, you’ll find yourself going back for more… and more.

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