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How to have a unique outdoor adventure this summer

We’re so lucky over here in Seattle to have so many trails and outdoor activities at our fingertips. Just thirty minutes’ drive outside of the city and you hit the tallest mountains and the greenest trees. It’s special. If you’re like me though, you don’t handle a plethora of choices well. How do you choose how to spend your free time with so many great options? Where’s the middle ground between having a completely unique experience and muddling through an activity that 123,456,532 people are also doing?

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Lime Kiln Trail is a Rewarding Walk in the Woods

View of the Stillaguamish river.

Lime Kiln trail is a curious trail. It’s not extremely steep and you don’t spend half your time laboring to the top of a mountain. There aren’t many picturesque views to be had. Not the classic ones anyway. But is it a cool trail for a morning or afternoon day-hike? Absolutely.

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