Farmers Market Special Recipes

Farmers Market Finds: Farm Fresh in February

Farmers Market Finds February 2016

Hey guys! Simple, short and sweet post today.

Here’s what I found at this weekend’s farmers market. This post is absolutely 100% an excuse to show off these gorgeous BEAUT-I-FUL veggies. Because you should try and eat the rainbow, every day. Just do it.

Here’s the spread:

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Farmers Market Special: Ballard

ballard seattle farmers market

Seattle is a great city to live in. Why? Because we have so many diverse neighborhoods, each with their own personality. My goal with these Farmers Market Special posts is to explore those neighborhoods, through the food they offer, and share them with you! Because the produce in Seattle is quite good. (I’m spoiled and also probably a little bit biased, but seriously! it’s gooood.)

For example, did you know that Washington state produces about 42% of the apples grown in the U.S.? That’s a LOT. So much so, that they named apples as the official state fruit in 1989.

It’s winter in Seattle right now, and although the produce stands at the market are looking a bit sparse, there are still some great finds. Here’s what to look out for:

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